Month: May 2015

Prevailing Wage – Something to Think About

 HARDEST JOBS TO FILL For the sixth consecutive year, business leaders said the positions they struggle most to fill are those in the SKILLED TRADES, according to ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey. Filling these positions is their Number 1 concern. WISCONSIN’S CONSTRUCTION FUTURE 96% of all training investment in Wisconsin’s current and future construction industry… Read more »

UW-Whitewater Releases Study Showing the Economic Benefits of Trade-Supported Training in the Community

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater released a study to demonstrate the economic benefits of trade-supported training on the community. The study was developed because of the changing relationship between the construction industry and the trades in Wisconsin, and how those industries impact students and their communities. Students involved in a trade program can see benefits… Read more »

Significant Economic Benefits Found from Trade-Supported Technical Education

WIIN supports trade-supported technical education where students can learn the needed skills to devote themselves to creating a better economy, community, and life. The importance of investing in infrastructure, and workers who then invest their time into infrastructure, is apparent. The Wisconsin prevailing wage laws are what keep Wisconsin competitive and developing skilled trade workers. WIIN supports investments in infrastructure because (they/we) see the value of doing so.