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Poll shows 60% of Wisconsinites support prevailing wage.

Respected conservative pollster, Gene Ulm, released the results of a recent poll. The poll found that an overwhelming 60% of Wisconsin voters support the law, and even a majority of republican voters, 52%, support prevailing wage. Click here to read our press release about this poll and learn more about public support for Prevailing Wage.  Click… Read more »

Renowned Marquette Economics Professor validates studies finding that repealing prevailing wage laws has a disproportionate, negative impact on veterans.

Marquette Economics Professor, Abdur Chowdhury, realizes the negative impact that repealing prevailing wage laws can have on veterans. Chowdhury highlights recent studies where findings demonstrate that “economic conditions of veterans would be profoundly affected if states with strong-to-moderate prevailing wage laws were to weaken their standards.” This is especially pertinent to Wisconsin, where 8.3% of all construction workers are veterans. Changes to the prevailing wage law could cause veterans to lose their jobs, their businesses, and their health care. The negative impact on our country’s most deserving workers is apparent.

“It’s Time for States to Invest in Infrastructure” -Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

It is no secret that our country’s infrastructure is crumbling. Instead of identifying and making infrastructure investments, states are choosing to cut taxes and offer corporate subsidies, which have not created the improvement our roads need. In general, many states are cutting infrastructure spending, which is the opposite solution to fixing the problem. States need to invest in their infrastructure to fix current issues and prevent future problems. If infrastructure issues are not addressed and faced in the coming years, it will only be more difficult to solve this heavy-hanging issue.

UW-Whitewater Releases Study Showing the Economic Benefits of Trade-Supported Training in the Community

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater released a study to demonstrate the economic benefits of trade-supported training on the community. The study was developed because of the changing relationship between the construction industry and the trades in Wisconsin, and how those industries impact students and their communities. Students involved in a trade program can see benefits… Read more »

Significant Economic Benefits Found from Trade-Supported Technical Education

WIIN supports trade-supported technical education where students can learn the needed skills to devote themselves to creating a better economy, community, and life. The importance of investing in infrastructure, and workers who then invest their time into infrastructure, is apparent. The Wisconsin prevailing wage laws are what keep Wisconsin competitive and developing skilled trade workers. WIIN supports investments in infrastructure because (they/we) see the value of doing so.

Study finds that Wisconsin Road and Bridge Construction Workers Are Best in the Midwest

Wisconsin boasts as having the best in the midwest for road and bridge construction workers. A single Wisconsin worker is expected to contribute $185,000 to the economy — more than any other worker included in the Great Lakes Region. Having highly skilled workers means higher-quality work can be done and more work can be done in shorter amounts of time. As construction opportunities are expected to increases over 20% through the next decade, it is important that Wisconsin continues to produce highly-qualified and skilled workers.